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Beauty Formulas Free from Scary Toxic Ingredients

We’re not dressing up our ingredients this Halloween, in fact, quite the opposite.
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4 Unexpected Reasons to Love Sunflowers

Besides looking perfect in fall photos, these gentle giants provide us with nutritional, environmental, and beauty...
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How Moving onto an Organic Urban Farm Changed My Life

A green girl’s pursuit to live ultra eco that took her to a hidden paradise in the heart of Southern California
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By the Numbers: State of the Independent Farmer

The following stats paint a loose picture of the amorphous entity of “Independent Farmer,” and situate it in the...
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Paper or Plastic? One Actually Is Better for the Environment

Recycling plastic seems like a no-brainer, but unfortunately, the reality is far more complicated than most people realize.
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The Best Plants to Attract Pollinators, by Region

Plant for the bees! Here are some ideas for pollinator plants native to each region of the country.