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Sarah Snow and Will Sweeney

Those Gorgeous Hudson Valley Seed Company Art Packs? This Is How They’re Made

Hear from the designers who created Seed Phytonutrients’ custom collection. The imagery on most seed packets tends toward...
Ken Greene and Doug Muller

Meet Ken Greene: A Book Worm with a Green Thumb ... and a Passion for Seed Preservation

Have you heard the one about the librarian who loved seeds so much that he opened a seed library? Nope, that’s not a...

Ten Last-Minute Gifts for the Plant Lover in Your Life

Still have a few folks left on your holiday shopping list? Fret not, reader: Modern Farmer’s preferred pros (plus a few...
Eric Vander Hyde and Linda Shanahan

Growing Medicine: This Nurse-Turned-Farmer Found Balance Farming Herbs, Not Food

In a former iteration, Barefoot Botanicals grew all kids of produce and operated a CSA. It was exhausting. But a shift in...
Echincaea purpurea

Seven Medicinal Plants You Can Grow at Home

Why make a trip to the pharmacy when you can just visit your backyard? From St. John’s Wart to chamomile, here’s your...

Why We Need to Revitalize Organic Seed Farming

As agriculture has become more and more industrialized during the past century, genetic diversity has been sacrificed in...