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Echincaea purpurea

Seven Medicinal Plants You Can Grow at Home

Why make a trip to the pharmacy when you can just visit your backyard? From St. John’s Wart to chamomile, here’s your...

Why We Need to Revitalize Organic Seed Farming

As agriculture has become more and more industrialized during the past century, genetic diversity has been sacrificed in...
red barn

Get Involved! Four Ways to Support Small Family Farms

These non-profits devoted to helping independent American farmers are a great place to start.
herb plants

No Land? No Problem. You Can Still Get Growing with Containers!

Don’t let a lack of acreage stop you from flexing your green thumb. Our potted-plant primer makes it possible to garden...

How to Keep Honeybees

These imperiled pollinators perform an estimated 80 percent of all plant pollination. Keep them buzzing by following our...