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Radish seeds ready for spring planting.

7 Reasons Why Seed Diversity Is Important

Traditional seed varieties have disappeared at an alarming rate—but there’s still a chance to preserve the astonishing...
a garden

10 Smart Ways to Garden on a Budget

Growing your own food and herbs shouldn’t break the bank.

8 Plants That Promote Wellness

Looking to try more natural remedies? This helpful guide covers a wide swath of ailments: coughs, stomach pain,...
Close-up of a sunflower

8 Plants for Hair and Skin Care

From sunflowers to bay leaves, get to know some of the plants that make you look and feel your best. 
flowers and herbal tincture

How to Make an Herbal Tincture, Just in Time for Cold & Flu Season

Herbal tinctures are a time-tested way to keep the cold and flu bugs away. Follow our guide to make your own.
herbs in pots

How to Grow a Winter Kitchen Garden

Winter is a time of snowstorms, movie nights by the fire, and … fresh, homemade salsa? At least, it can be for those...