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Woman on farm

How Moving onto an Organic Urban Farm Changed My Life

A green girl’s pursuit to live ultra eco that took her to a hidden paradise in the heart of Southern California
Farmer shoveling food plot.

By the Numbers: State of the Independent Farmer

The following stats paint a loose picture of the amorphous entity of “Independent Farmer,” and situate it in the...
seeds on a leaf

What Does a Seed Farmer Do?

Some farmers grow food. Others grow the seed that the rest of the world plants. Here we detail the role of a seed farmer.
Organic vegetables

5 Reasons Getting Certified Organic Is Really Difficult

The National Organic Program is a complicated operation. And unless you've been through the process, it's tough to...
Eric Vander Hyde and Linda Shanahan

Barefoot Botanicals Photo Album

Meet Eric Vander Hyde and Linda Shanahan. In 2015, the couple shuttered their eight-year-old produce CSA and began...
seed packs

How to Shop for Veggies: Our Seed-Selection Guide

Seed catalogs be overwhelming—but Modern Farmer can help.