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People outside next to a sign

People Who Care: Q&A with Julie Corbett, Ecologic Brands

Next in our People Who Care series: Julie Corbett, Founder & President of Ecologic Brands. After recognizing the lack...
present wrapped with paper and ribbon

6 Easy Ways To Green Your Holiday

From making dinner, to wrapping presents, to decorating the house, we’ve got you covered.
sustainable gift wrapping

16 Green Holiday Gifts You Can Feel Good About Giving

These sustainable companies make gifting better-for-our-planet presents easy.
Making a few small changes can make your recycling game even stronger.

6 Recycling Practices You May Be Getting Wrong and How to Fix Them

Making a few small changes can make your recycling game even stronger.
Stacks of plastic recycling

Paper or Plastic? One Actually Is Better for the Environment

Recycling plastic seems like a no-brainer, but unfortunately, the reality is far more complicated than most people realize.
A bumblebee on a Purple Coneflower

The Best Plants to Attract Pollinators, by Region

Plant for the bees! Here are some ideas for pollinator plants native to each region of the country.